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8 truck preventive maintenance tips

8 truck preventive maintenance tips

Truck preventive maintenance is vital to ensure transport safety. Many drivers still do not have this view that caring for the vehicle goes beyond the need to save money whenever possible. In fact, items such as safety, cost optimization, quality of work and even quality of life can be impacted if maintenance is neglected. So, take a look-out for the tips we’ve separated here:

Keep an eye on the filters

Changing the engine oil, fuel, and air filters must be carried out strictly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Special attention should be given to the air filter, as heavy use can reduce the life of the part. Thus, when it is very dark, looking dirty, it is important to replace it. Neglecting this care can damage parts and increase fuel consumption!

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Don’t forget the engine oil

And together with the oil filter it is worth checking the engine oil itself. It may be a basic warning, but the truth is that, in the rush of daily life, between one freight and another, many truckers skip this check. It is then up to the mechanic to confirm if there is a need for a change or if topping up the oil is enough.

Brake system is always a priority on a truck preventive maintenance

The braking system should be a reason for extra attention for any truck driver. It’s something you can’t fix: you always have to be up-to-date. So check that the linings or pads are not worn out. Grooves or imperfections in the surfaces are indicative of the need to change the part.

Keep tires within specifications

As trucks and heavy vehicles often carry large loads, the tendency is for wear to be even more accelerated than in passenger vehicles. So keep an eye out for the Tire Wear Indicator, a kind of rubber bump inside the tire’s larger grooves that indicates rubber wear.

Suspension is also essential in truck preventive maintenance

Springs, stops, trays and stabilizer bar are suspension system items that need to be checked to recognize any defects in advance on a truck preventive maintenance. At the same time, it is worth checking the lubrication of the central and support pins, as well as bushings, screws, clamps, hoses, and valves.

Be careful with the electrical system!

A tip for checking this system is to start with the battery, after all, it provides energy for all components. Check the water and also see if there is any oxidation on this item. Then evaluate the cables and terminals, looking there also for any signs of this same problem. Make sure the fittings are all snug, eliminating any issue due to bad contact.

So as not to get stuck, pay attention to the injection module

Finally, if the vehicle is equipped with electronic injection, the injection module software update must be performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. In parallel, evaluate all injection components – this is a care that makes a difference!

For all maintenance, use quality parts

Throughout this truck preventive maintenance process for the truck, it is essential to use quality parts. After all, just as important as taking these precautions in advance is choosing quality materials to ensure the safety and durability of the repair.

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