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3 Tips to keep your fleet in top shape

3 Tips to keep your fleet in top shape

You may save a lot of money by performing preventative fleet maintenance. A well-maintained car consumes less gasoline, breaks down less frequently, and contributes to lower operating costs. Taking a proactive attitude also allows you to stop issues in their tracks before they become dangerous.

Of course, like with many things in business, saying it is simpler than doing it. It is not always the case that good intentions translate into successful action. Human error, unplanned growth, and inadequate driver training can all wreak havoc on your fleet’s overall health—and when your cars’ condition deteriorates, so does your bottom line. So, what can you do to ensure that your fleet is in tip-top shape?

1.Look After Your Tires

The whole driving experience is heavily influenced by tire pressure. It has an influence on the vehicle’s handling, fuel efficiency, and overall wear and tear. Keep in mind, however, that tire wear will not be consistent throughout your fleet. Weather, road conditions, and individual driving habits can all influence how rapidly tires deteriorate. As a result, it’s critical that your fleet inspector check the pressure before and after each journey. Drivers must monitor it while on the road, especially on longer trips.

Your drivers and fleet management should keep an eye on overall tire deterioration in addition to pressure checks. According to one recent research, worn tires can reduce a light truck’s handling abilities by up to 28 percent, so make sure you check tire wear on a frequent basis.

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2.Keep Your Vehicles Clean

You wouldn’t meet a client with muck on your shoes (or at least we hope you wouldn’t). Similarly, having an unkempt fleet does nothing to improve your company’s image. Keeping your cars clean and polished gives your organization a professional appearance and gives your drivers a better sense of job satisfaction while they’re on the job.

Keeping the exterior of your car clean also aids in the early detection of concerns such as corrosion and degradation. Establish a working partnership with a fleet maintenance company that can assist you in keeping your fleet in good shape. They can handle car cleaning, freeing you up to concentrate on other aspects of your organization. They’ll also be professionally taught to recognize problems early on, before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

3. Preventive maintenance

Vehicles that are well maintained have fewer unscheduled repairs and downtime. Oil changes, tire rotation/inspection, and basic vehicle safety checks are examples of preventive maintenance. Maintain tire rotations and general vehicle checks on a regular basis, whether you follow oil change intervals at a specified mileage or utilize an oil life monitor. All too frequently, this is the only time a vehicle is thoroughly evaluated for fluid levels, tire air pressure, and other issues.

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